so they passed a legislation last september in germany, saying all traffic signs dating from before 1992 had to be taken down and be replaced by new ones.
thank god somebody eventually noticed that this would be nothing but a waste of money.
so the bill got cancelled and we will continue seeing some of these on german streets.

(the first picture is a scan of yesterday´s tagesspiegel´s first page.
on the right are the 1992 versions, on the left older ones that were going to get replaced.)

don´t you just love that smiling car?

and then there is a sign from sweden i found here
i guess it says playing children...
anybody know anything else about this?
because i really like it...

p.s.: i do not own the rights to any of these pictures. if you see something that is yours and you want it taken down, please don´t hesitate to contact me!

p.p.s.: here

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