gold (2)

gilded wedding cake
created by joseph beuys and his wife eva-maria wurmbach for his sister in laws wedding.

if you want to recreate it- here is the recipe in german.
it will take you two days, 50 7x7 cm squares of gold foil, 24 eggs, 2 kilogramms of butter and a whole lot of other stuff....
have fun!

gold (1)

marie claire februar 1993
editorial helmut lang goldrausch

Fotos: Robert Erdmann; Make-Up: Diane Kendal/Atlantis; Haare: Donald/Jacques Dessange; Redaktion: Carine Roitfeld


an einem sonntag im april

somebody emptied out buckets of paint in different colours on the streets around rosenthaler platz in berlin mitte last weekend.
the cars, bikes and pedestrians crossing the roads all contributed to this beauty.

here is a flickr set of the place.

mehr auf urbanshit.de
via pimpettes.de


berlin based label trikoton uses soundfiles as patterns for knitwear.
on their website you could either purchase one of their products, such as this scarf/loop with a pattern based on the famous press-conference on the eve of nov. 9, 1989:

...or you log in as a customer and create your own soundfile, which then will be used as the pattern for a scarf, sweater or leggins...

now go there and sing a song, declare your love or tell a secret....
and wear it.


frühling in kreuzberg

manipulated billboard on my street.
they took it down just two days later.

joel macht sachen

...und wir dürfen mitmachen.