tavi, oh tavi.......

how could you make me love you more?

easy-peasy (for you):
by writing this.

seriously, you have to go read it!

and to think she could be my daughter....
on the subject of volcanoes.....

gary is
winterpropaganda is here


sachdienlicher hinweis

im märchen vom froschkönig verwandelt sich der frosch nicht durch den kuß der prinzessin in einen prinzen, sondern durch einen kräftigen wurf gegen die wand.

in grimm´s fairytale of the frog king the spell that is cast upon the prince is not broken by a kiss, but when the furious princess throws the frog against a wall.

illustration: ruth koser-micha


aus aktuellem anlaß?

accidental penis.

because penis is not always intentional.