erykah badu

Erykah Badu - Window Seat (Official Video)

gefunden auf mädchenmannschaft,
"was hat sich erykah badu da bloß gedacht?"

"does erykah badu´s booty obscure her artistic message?"

auf ihrer eigenen website zeigt erykah das video jetzt rückwärts.


2 today

"claire, make gaspard a balloon. not a ball and chain."
"was i a ball and chain?"
"mon petit, mon petit, you were not a ball and chain. you were a zeppelin."

nick nolte, ludivine sagnier in alfonso cuaróns parc monceau segment of "paris, je t´aime"

1. Purchase 149 yards of fine tulle for the skirt, 44 yards of stiffer tulle for the underskirt and 2.3 miles of very thin yarn, which you will use to sew the garment by hand.

2. Dye the tulle pale green.

3. Create a stiff black inner crinoline-like structure, measured to your body, using camel’s hair and boning, in the shape of the final skirt with a cutout strip below the hips.

4. Build up the skirt, gathering the tulle layer by layer, lightly hand-stitching the layers together. Work toward a solid shape that is airy and light; fine-tune the volume. Use sharp, slim scissors to cut a perfectly straight and uniform horizontal swath in the tulle to match the cutout in the structure underneath.

5. Move on to the bodice, which you should fashion to your body using metal boning and chiffon. Hand-embroider 547 white sequins onto the front panel.

6. Attach the skirt to the bodice.

7. You’re done! And it only took 163 hours.

victor & rolf tell us how to make one of their amazing dresses.

original source: the moment

found via/ photo source: letter to jane

would love to try, but missing the space in your berlin (kreuzberg) apartement?

go try at la bastellerie or linkle´s nähcafé.

they´re such nice people, i´m sure they would love to help you with your 176 meters of fabric.